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Standard Units

There is  NO  additional surcharge for labels or polybags.
Bundles & Multipacks

We are currently charging the base price per unit ($0.75-$1.00, as shown above) + $0.25 per unit added to a bundle

This would mean that a bundle of 3 units, would be $1.00+$0.25+$0.25 ; so $1.50 per bundle. 

These prices will continue up until the items are considered "Large Standard Size" (over 18 x 14 x 8 inches, or 20lbs+) 

Please contact us for any questions in regards to oversize items. 

Bubble Wrap

Items that need extra bubble wrapping (glass or fragile items) cost an extra $0.75 per unit, and will be properly bubble wrapped to Amazon's expectations.

Boxes & Pallets

Our team will do their best to re-use the boxes and pallets your goods are shipped to us in, but in the event that we need to provide boxes or pallets, our prices are as follows: ​

Small Box : $1.50​

Medium Box: $2.50 ​

Pallets : $20.00 

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